Job & Danette Ramos – Lead Pastors


Lead Pastor Job M. Ramos

Pastor Ramos has been involved in local ministry since 1981. During that time he has served as Secretary, Sunday School Superintendent, Youth Leader, Sunday School Teacher, Cell Group Development Leader, church Administrator. Presently he is facilitating Leadership Development workshops; he is president of our Board of Directors.

Pastor Ramos is an ordained minister and holds degrees in Technology, Multi-Cultural Education, and Organizational / Educational Leadership.
Pastor Ramos is a Trustee of the Board of Directors of the Defenders of the Christian Faith Movement, and travels across the United States facilitating conferences and workshops on Leadership, Education, Marriage and Parent-Children relationships. 

Pastor: Danette Ocasio-Ramos

Our pastor Danette, came to Hermosa when she was a child. She has served as Sunday School Teacher, Ladies Charter Secretary and Treasurer, Youth Leader, and Worship Team Member.

At present and in addition to her ministerial responsibilities, pastor Danette holds the office of Executive Secretary of the Board of Directors of Hermosa Community Church and is an active participant besides her husband in community related matters.


Raúl & Naty Marrero Pastors Emeritus

Raúl & Naty Marrerro

Dr. Raúl Marrero

Dr. Marrero served as Lead pastor for 20  years, During more than five decades of ministry, he planted and pastored at the Defenders of the Christian Faith Church in Boston Massachusetts. He also served as secretary of the Movement of Defender of the Christian Faith Churches headquartered in Río Grande, Puerto Rico. 

Rev. Naty Marrero

Rev. Marrero served in ministry for the past five decades, she has worked in all ministry areas beside her husband for over 40 years. During that time she has served as Director of the Ladies Chapter of the Massachusetts District, Secretary and Trustee of the National Board of Directors of the Defenders of the Christian Faith Movement. She is a graduate of the Instituto Bíblico Defensores de la Fe headquartered in Puerto Rico. She has written 37 songs. She is currently living in Florida.